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Translate your book to more than 23 lang

Translate your title to multiple languages to reach all regional geographies and let your words flow beyond borders. Enjoy unique advantages of multiplying or replicating your work to different languages and enable enhanced penetration.


Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telegu, Marathi


English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish and Swedish


Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Javanese, Nepali, Korean, Vietnamese

The above list is not exhaustive and is a representation of the languages we are currently translating.

For any other language please write to us at and we shall check with our linguistic experts for their availability.

How does this work?

Step I

(Send us an email by clicking on the tab below to let us know your specifications and start translation in your chosen languages)

If you are already published with us, you may let us know your title name and the languages you want for translation.

If you are publishing with us for the first time and are submitting your script in English, you may let us know the languages you want for translation and we will initiate publishing process simultaneously for both the titles or as a single title in dual language as you desire.

If you are publishing with us for the first time and are submitting your script in any other language than English, you need to send  the synopsis in English and let us know the languages you want for translation (including translation to English) and we will initiate publishing process simultaneously for both the titles or as a single title in dual language as you desire.

Step II

We will engage one of our linguistic experts specialised in the chosen language and initiate the process with an estimated completion timeline of 14 - 21 working days.

Step III

Once the translation is complete, we will initiate the pagination, typesetting and cover design (if any), send the review files to our authors and proceed with listing and activation. Post listing, the details of royalty and suggested selling price shall be shared across in the regular process via email. All sales and earnings shall be updated in the Earnings Dashboard by 5th of every month.

How does translation benefit authors and readers?

A story set in Paris, France would be better in French than in English and connect more to the regional geography.

A management guide converted to multiple languages would have more sales and penetration than its availability in only English.

A novel in Serbian would sell more and have a wider audience if it has an English version as well.

a. Overcome language barrier and penetrate your work in focussed regional markets

b. Leverage our campaigns for promoting your title in multiple languages with our existing and ever growing target network

c. Showcase your title's credibility with its availability and demand in different languages at book fairs, festivals and other events across the globe breaking the linguistic barrier

d. Participate in the best regional book fairs, promotions, fetes and other events in region specific languages. (For example participate in a Dutch Literary festival with a Dutch version of your book)

e. Match your theme with the specific language (For example a scene in Monaco, Italy would be better if it has an Italian version as well)

f. Multiply your work with the same content without extra work thus adding to penetration, diversity, royalty and sales

g. Provide accessibility to book-lovers, literary agents, bookstores, journalists, press, theatre and production houses to read your story in their own languages 

Translation Guidelines

a. All authors get to sign the Author Contract

b. All royalty shall be paid in the same proportion as mentioned in the contract, the details of which would be updated in Earnings Dashboard

c. All titles would go for production once the entire requirements are received from the author


All prices are per title per language inclusive of all taxes)

Poetry               : 0.10 INR per word

Non-Poetry     : 0.30 INR per word

Write to us for any clarifications anytime at

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