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Kolkata Literary Carnival 2024 with Special Focus on Asia

In a world that thrives on diversity and cultural exchange, the importance of translating books into various languages cannot be overstated. Translations open a gateway to new worlds, expanding horizons and connecting people across borders. By breaking down linguistic barriers, translated books allow the beauty of literature to transcend cultural boundaries, fostering understanding and empathy among diverse communities. They preserve and share the unique voices of authors, allowing their stories and ideas to reach a global audience. With each translated book, we embrace the richness of different languages, bridging gaps and celebrating the universal power of storytelling. Together, let us champion the vital role of translations, uniting readers and nurturing a global community bound by the love of words.

This time in Kolkata Literary Carnival (KLC2024) we are having a special focus on Asian Languages namely, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Filipino, Indonesian & Thai.

We will have an exclusive arena for displaying, selling and book-signing of your translated copies.

Kolkata Literary Carnival 2024
(12th Jan'24 - 14th Jan'24)

Prices are valid till 10th Nov 2023 only

Focused Asian Languages (8):  Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Filipino, Indonesian & Thai

Flat Rates with no restrictions on number of pages per title.

All 8 Languages - Rs.16,000 [200USD) - Book Now

Any 4 Languages - Rs. 12,000 [150USD] - Book Now

Any 2 Languages  - Rs. 8,000 [100USD] - Book Now

Any 1 Language - Rs.5,000 [80USD] - Book Now

Slabs for Rates  per language/title:

4 to 7 Languages - Rs.3,000 [37.5USD] per unit

2 to 4 Languages - Rs. 4,000 [50USD] per unit

All the above translations include placement at KLC2024 with dedicated space for author's book signing, sales and display.

Add-On with Rs.3,000 with any Asian translation and reserve your Gala Dinner Cruise on Day 1 (12th Jan'23) of KLC2024.



Or use Gpay/UPI/Others by scanning the QR Code aside with the requisite amount and email us at so that we may confirm your slots.

For payment in USD, please follow the Paypal link here, insert the relevant amount, make payment and intimate us via email: 

For payment in INR, please follow the Razorpay link here, insert the relevant amount, make payment and intimate us via email: 

For any queries feel free to write to us at


The rates applicable are for translations only while publishing thereafter is without any charge as per our regular publishing processes.


  • Complete translation within 2-2.5 months of booking

  • Exclusive arena dedicated to authors who have translated their books into selected Asian languages for signing & sale of their books

  • All translated titles will be eligible for publication and distribution with us as per usual processes post translation. We do not charge for publishing with us.


  • For translation, after registration we will send across a google form to upload your book details and manuscript file which would then be taken up further for processing.

  • In case your books are not published with us, you may dispatch 5 paperbacks of your title to our Kolkata outlet 1 month prior to the event.

  • Books will be sold at 10% less than Marked price

  • 100% Proceeds collected from book sales will go to author/writer (for books NOT published by us)


Glimpses of Kolkata Literary Carnival 2023
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