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Make Short Films with us. 

Film Making Pricing

Short/ Micro Film with Consultation

Starting From : Rs.40,000


Storyboard/Screenplay Formation Rs. 6,000 : Proceed to Booking

Or Click HERE for UPI/Gpay/Paytm for the requisite amount and send us an email to proceed ahead.

After booking your Storyboard or Microfilm production, write to us at so that we may initiate further processes.

Process of Micro/Short Film Making


Micro/short films are the future and with the growth of digital technology there is going to be a huge demand for these kinds of creative microfilms. The mission is to transform written communication into creative microfilms which maybe short and quick to grasp the concept.

The creation of microfilms involves the following steps,

Pre- Production - Creation of creative Scripts

Production - Comprise a creative team of Actors, Cinematographers, Line Producers, Art Director, Choreographers, Makeup and Costume designers

Post Production - Video editors, Music Directors, Sound designers, voice over artist, VFX assistant. Motion graphic and animators. 

Steps for getting started,

1. Book your Storyboard

2. Have our consultant/editorial board connect with you at a mutually convenient time to understand the concept

3. Have us connected with screenplay writer/director for next round of briefing and after your approval of the concept

4. Initiate Production


5. After delivery of Storyboard, Book balance amount for microfilm production

6. Have our consultant/editorial board connect with you at a mutually convenient time for any changes/final requirement (if required)

7. Initiate Microfilm production (Min 1 and Max 4 Actors)

8. Final delivery (Timeline: 15-20 days after final concept approval)

After project completion,

1. Special screening of your film both in online and offline modes at premium venues with widespread promotions.

2. Provide optional option of Pay per View/ Buy/ Rent options on our channel to enable recurring royalty generation (in case you wish to opt for).

3. Provide options of creating Augmented Reality (AR) video mapped to your book/ work.

4. Apply for eligible worldwide film festivals, nominations and rewards.

NOTE - All content copyright belongs to author/writer and any plagiarism or copied content is to be dealt with the author directly. We would communicate with author/writer only based on trust that the content provided is original and not copied from elsewhere.

Screenplay & Story Boards

The Beginning of Creative Storytelling

Storyboards comprise the starting point to creating films or visual series. Our sketch artists, visual editors and scriptwriters understands the concept and creates the story boards with short dialogs before the micro/short film is produced.