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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I submit my entry?
    Read the Submission Guidelines and understand the Publishing Process Flow to find out how does Ukiyoto select scripts for final publishing. Mail your entries accordingly to for project consideration.
  • How much time will it take for Ukiyoto to get back on my submission?
    Usually we get back within two weeks with a response to your entry. Since, our experts thoroughly scrutinize for the right content to ensure quality publication, at times it may take upto three weeks from the date of submission for the evaluation process to complete. We take great care in checking each entry to make sure we deliver quality content.
  • I got a selection mail. Now what next?
    You would be asked to send either furthur details (if required) or go through the detailed Publishing Guidelines in the link given in your mail. You may get back to us regarding any doubts or queries you have on the publishing guidelines. Once, you are clear with all queries, we will send you the Author Contract in a link where you may place your electronic signature and agree to the terms and conditions of publishing. Post receiving your acceptance, we shall issue you an Author Id which is to be quoted in all future communications and we will start working on your project according to the given time lines. You may go through our Submission Guidelines and Publishing Process Flow before sending us your manuscript.
  • How do I calculate the MRP and the Royalty for my book?
    Post signing the Author Contract, we shall send you a link for submitting your mandatory details and based on your input we will scan our global network of distributors for the best available publishing cost. This is a manual task and may take upto two (2) to three (3) working days. We shall then get back to you with the minimum MRP that you need to set for your book and the corresponding royalty that you would receive. Note, that the percentage royalty that you would receive will be mentioned in your Author Contract. Once, you decide your MRP to be placed which is equal to or greater than the minimum available MRP set by us, we shall freeze the same and proceed forward with the project. Take note that the minimum MRP provided by us shall be globally applicable. Hence, it is possible that you may find out a regional publisher who may be offering a print at a lower cost than ours but on a global scale that same price may not be applicable for your book to reach a vast audience. In such cases, you may write to us with the details of your regional publisher and we can contact him to see how best we may work out to both provide a lower printing cost and also a wider audience reach. Since, we are an author community, we work towards the development of the Author and forming a nexus which would help the community with better results.
  • I have accepted the Author Contract and want to design my own cover. Can you let me know how to do that?
    Post acceptance of your Author Contract, if you wish to design your own cover, you are most welcome to do so. We will send across a detailed cover designing guide which you may refer to and prepare you own design. You may send across your design post which we will place the QR Code, the MRP, Ukiyoto logo and imprint to proceed for further processes.
  • Why should I publish with Ukiyoto and not anyone else?
    The reason of starting Ukiyoto is to develop a strong Author community and provide quality content. We form a mix of traditional and self publishing methodology blended with technology. Hence, we do not charge anything for accepting and evaluating our submissions. Once, we conduct a mandatory quality check based on our predefined parameters we move forward to seek further details from the Author to understand him better. The Author in a way gets to undergo a 'strength' assessment of his work, in other words know the credit worthiness of his work for the moment. Post acceptance, we undertake basic editorial, typesetting and designing services on our own. With powerful technologies, we automate most of the tasks in the publishing value chain except of course where human involvement is mandatorily required. This helps us to screen more number of copies in a short span of time and provide faster results for the submitted manuscripts. We work on each project investing our time, efforts and financial resources to see through the success of our Authors and believe in engaging in a long term relationship with each individual.
  • I am not familiar with the words and terminologies used in publishing. Can you explain them to me as a starter?
    Here are few of the definitions and terminologies frequently used in the publishing process flow and also you will come across while publishing with us, a. Genre - Every book has a well defined genre such as Fiction - General, Fiction - Romance, Non Fiction - History, Non Fiction - Sculture and many others. The complete list of Genres maybe found on the official website of Book Industry Study Group (BISG). b. BISAC - Book Industry Study Group (BISG) maintains a number of codes to classify both physical and digital products and assigns them a unique reference code termed as BISAC Code. The complete list and details of the codes maybe obtained from the official website of BISG. c. Keywords - These are the words which are used to increase the book's visibility and enable the customers or readers to easily search for the related book by relevant keyword. For example, a book on Romance may have the keywords as, "romantic novels', 'romance', 'romantic books', 'love stories' and many others d. Lamination - This is the process or the type of print to be provided in the final copy of the book. Ukiyoto usually offers two (2) kinds of lamination prints for its paperback namely, i. Glossy - This produces deeper and cleaner line colours and contains rich content. The reflective shiny finish grabs attention of the customer and usually repels dust, dirt and fingerprints. This is also usually used as the standard for all paperbacks ii. Matte - This gives a professional and elegant finish and is used more as a 'fashionable' choice for laminate. Usually designers and readers who focus more on the aesthetics like the look and feel of this finish. The Matter finish is less reflective than Glossy finish, gives a feel of a velvet texture and looks more natural e. ISBN - An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. ISBNs were ten (10) digits in length up to the end of December 2006, but since 1 January 2007 they consist of 13 digits. ISBNs are calculated using a specific mathematical formula and include a check digit to validate the number.Each ISBN consists of 5 elements with each section being separated by spaces or hyphens. Three of the five elements may be of varying length, i. Prefix element – currently this can only be either 978 or 979. It is always 3 digits in length ii. Registration group element – this identifies the particular country, geographical region, or language area participating in the ISBN system. This element may be between 1 and 5 digits in length iii. Registrant element - this identifies the particular publisher or imprint. This may be up to 7 digits in length iv. Publication element – this identifies the particular edition and format of a specific title. This may be up to 6 digits in length v. Check digit – this is always the final single digit that mathematically validates the rest of the number. It is calculated using a Modulus 10 system with alternate weights of 1 and 3. (ISBN Content Courtesy: f. QR Code - The Quick Response (QR) Code maybe used as a trademark for a type of barcode and is a machine readable optical label which contains details of the item to which it is tagged. QR Codes maybe used to track sales volumes, website data and many other purposes that the user decides. The QR Code maybe read by QR Scanner which is available for free both on Andrioid and iPhone Play Store g. Spine - This is the part of the book cover which covers the thickness of the book and it falls between front and back cover. This is applicable to perfect bound and hard bound books only. h. Bleed - This is extra area of the book cover which is placed while designing the cover and is cut off at the time of final print. Bleed is usually an extension of the background colour and do not contain any text or graphics which is supposed to come in the final print. The bleed is placed because the trimming is usually never exact and there maybe a slight variation. Hence, if the background of the cover is not extended, there maybe a slight white portion visible on the edges of the cover.
  • Can you summarize the entire publishing process?
    Post intimation on your selection, we go by the following steps to commence work on your project, a. Send across the link to Author Contract b. Post receipt of your signature on the Contract, we will send across the Author Input Form whereby all details provided by you shall be referred to for designing, typesetting, producing, promotion and distribution of your title c. Once, the cover and inner files are ready, we will send across a link to review your files and notify us for any changes or revision. This is a one time activity as it becomes difficult to revise the files once they are into production and sent across to distributors d. After incorporating the changes, we will initiate a final confirmation from your end and start the listing process e. We will intimate you on the royalty of your title and the suggested marked price which you are free to change and let us know f. Once your links get activated, we will share them with you to announce your book launch g. If you have taken additional services such as increasing Instagram followers, conducting book reviews or book launches, the details and timeline of the same will be intimated to you accordingly h. We will provide you with a link to your Earnings Dashboard which is updated by the 5th of every month At any point in time, you are most free to write to us or ask any questions you have. Our official mail id for all communications is
  • Once selected and published where all will you distribute my book?
    We have networking will all the major online retailers for distribution and promotion of your book in both e-book as well as paperback. For paperback we have tied up with regional third parties to give us the best rates on the printing cost and hence result in lowering the overall cost of the book. In addition to the global retailers, we shall undertake promotion of your book by, a. Sending mailer blasts to our wide database and subscriber list b. Posting on our Social Media Group and Page with teasers from your book c. Share sample copies of your work to our existing pool of retailers d. Place copies of your work (if available) in bookstore with whom we have our tie up or if they have space available in their store at that given time e. Feature on our marketplace, "The Bookstore" at special rates only available on Ukiyto to enhance sales and produce better yeilds f. Run joint promotional campaigns from time to time both in Social Media and on ground (depends on the particular geography) A tentative list of online retailers would be provided to you at the time of signing the Author Contract. As a continuous growing community we are constantly increasing our network and reach to global distributors and cover all geographies. Hence, our list of online retailers are constany increasing and we keep on adding our books in them increase the sales channels. All such links are shared with our Authors so that they can keep a track of which channel and region is working best for the sales of their book. More ever, we have a special QR Code tagged onto each e-book and paperback which provides complete online analytics to our Author to track their books and see the records of their "Book Views". This feature is being constantly upgraded for better results and usage of our Authors.
  • What are the additional or paid services that you would provide?
    We provide the following 'premium' additional services for our Authors, a. Exclusive Cover Design by hiring professional experts b. Complete editing of the book, including thematic and grammar changes with suggestions of tweaking storyline or plot (if required) c. Digital marketing and campaigning on our existing Social Media pages and Google Adwords by professional experts, based on Author's budget d. Creating and maintaining Author exclusive Social Media pages e. Book reviews to increase credibility f. Author interviews and release notes of author's biography g. Press release (limited to certain geographies only) h. Placement of an "Exclusive Banner Advertisement" on our page, "The Bookstore" for a given time period to showcase your project i. Premium exclusive one on one consultation for working on your project from submission to content development to launch plan. We see each project as an individual Start Up and assign our Project Expert to exclusively work with you on your brand building and project Start Up right from scratch
  • Will you provide additional book launch and promotional services?
    We do provide book launch and promotional services such as book givings or placing harcopies of the book at physical retail stores with whom we have our tie-up. If the bookstores require an upfront charge, the details of the same shall be intimated to you so that you may take a call on going forward with the placement. Ukiyoto will levy charges on additional services availed by the Author and the same shall be conveyed well in advance by correspondence mail.
  • I am conducting a marketing activity for my new book. Can you provide me an online event page along with collection of tickets?
    Yes, we can create an online event page both on our platform and on our Facebook page and help you in selling tickets for your promotional activity. For all such tickets sold on our platform, we will levy a fragment charge on the selling price to cover our costs of platform usage. All such details will be shared you based on your requirements.
  • I have already written and published my book. Can you undertake promotional activities for me?
    Yes, we do undertake promotional activities for books that are not published by us. However, such activities are paid and include, a. Digital marketing and campaigning on our existing Social Media pages and Google Adwords by professional experts, based on Author's budget b. Creating and maintaining Author exclusive Social Media pages c. Book reviews to increase credibility d. Author interviews and release notes of author's biography e. Press release (limited to certain geographies only) f. Placing an "Exclusive Banner Advertisement" on our page, "The Bookstore" for a given time period to showcase your project
  • Will you do bulk printing and keep stocks for disrtibution?
    We will do bulk printing but will not keep any stocks and we believe in zero inventory stock keeping model. All such bulk printing would be done at a much lesser rate than that available to the Author and the print copies of the same shall be shipped to Author's address. Similarly, costs of bulk printing and shipping shall be borned by the Author.
  • How many Author copies would you provide?
    We will not provide any separate Author copies but the rates provided to the Author for his Author Id will be substantialy lower than the market rate. The Author may place order for purchasing his copies at the subsidized rate which shall be shipped to his address.
  • Why won't Ukiyoto provide any mandatory ISBN for my book?
    An ISBN is not a mandatory requirement for the online sales of your book but it is required while placing your copy in a physical bookstore to track the sales of your book. Each country has its separate ISBN issuing agency where as online retailers provide their own ISBN at the time of publishing. As Ukiyoto is a blend of both traditional and self publishing, Ukiyoto does not need to provide country specific ISBN for any of its online sales. Simultaneously, for those copies which will be kept in bookstores in a particular region, Ukiyoto will apply for an ISBN and place them on the corresponding book. However, Ukiyoto will provide a mandatory QR Code for all Ukiyoto published books for providing transaparent sales and tracking data to all their published Authors in their dashboard.
  • How many copies can I expect to sell with Ukiyoto?
    We will distribute, promote and market your book in all our global channels. However, we do not guarantee any particular numbers sold for your book as that depends on many factors such as the audience acceptability, author profile, distribution budget, target geography. It shall be though a combined effort of both Ukiyoto and yourself to see through the sales and success of your book.
  • Do you have any tracking mechanism to let me know the reach of my book?
    Yes, for each book published by Ukiyoto, we will tag a QR Code by which readers can place their reviews and ratings. We will place a mandatory disclaimer for all readers to use the online available FREE QR Code scanner to scan the QR Code placed on every book and place their ratings. The Author in turn will get to see all his "Book Views" in his Author dashboard to understand the movement and acceptance of his books in respective geographies.
  • What do you mean by integrating Technology with Publishing?
    Ukiyoto aims at delivering quality content by imbibing technology with publishing. This means that we are moving towards an age where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will play a big role in mainstream industries. Ukiyoto aims to integrate such pwoerful technologies in their publishing process to benefit the Author community. Problems arising out of cross border Author royalty payments, delay in book sales tracking, incorrect tracking, transparency in sales reports, delay in script evaluation and many more would be remediated by using such technology. As the development and integration of the above is still in progress, we shall keep intimating our Authors and Subscribers to check our website and get relevant information.
  • Who are Ukiyoto Consultants?
    Ukiyoto Consultants are handpicked and selected by our team to provide knowledge sharing services to aspiring writers, authors and content developers. They are well experienced in their own domain and are our knowledge partners in providing the following (but not limited to) offerings, a. Editing and Proofreading b. Cover Designing c. Book Writing d. Marketing and Distribution Strategies e. Content Development f. Ghost Writing g. Public Speaking h. Digital Marketing i. Relationship Managing j. Book Reviewing (Video) k. Author Interviewing/Covering (Video) l. Book Reading (Video and Audio)
  • How does Ukiyoto facilitate Consultants in getting clients?
    Ukiyoto has a wide range of readers, viewers, writers, aspiring authors, content developers and many others on its platform. We host our Consultants on an exclusive page for them with their experience, credentials and offerings. Once, any of our visitors wish to choose our consultant with his/her offering, we connect both of them to start off post which all discussions are taken forward mutually by both the parties.
  • How do I become a Ukiyoto Consultant?
    We have a detailed onboarding process to ensure that our Consultants provide the quality offering to their clients. The process namely follows the steps as, a. Filling up online Onboarding form with required details b. Assessment of applicant credentials c. An interview (if required) d. Signing consultant contract e. Listing
  • Will I need to keep Ukiyoto in loop once I start off my sessions with my Consultant?
    You need not keep Ukiyoto in loop once your sessions have started. All matters pertaining to session conduction, fee payment, revision session planning, additional requests, change in schedule and other of similar sort would be mutually decided between you and your consultant. You may intimate us once when your session has started and about the feedback and reviews of your consultant so that we can place his ratings accordingly
  • Who are Partner Consultants?
    Partner consultants are deemed as one of our esteemed consultants who are handpicked by Ukiyoto team and are provided with sharing rights of our name to seek clients or aspiring authors who produce quality writing and are looking to get published. The benefits shared by Partner Consultants include, a. Getting a share of each paid project project per Client brought in by him/her b. Getting rebates on services offered by Ukiyoto for self c. Getting the right to use Ukiyoto brand name for promoting events conducted by him/her d. Enjoying expert guidance on facilitating any related events or activities for self promotion or success of self or Client's work e. Getting time to time updates and ideas on activities and services that may be carried out in his/her specific location Overall, Partner Consultants are considered as an integral part of Ukiyoto's global team.
  • How do I become a Partner Consultant?
    Ukiyoto chooses Partner Consultants by going through their profile, past activities and interest levels in the literary segment. Though there is no online application as such to become a Partner Consultant, those interested are welcome to apply by sending the following, a. Complete Profile b. Social Media Links c. Reason/s for applying for a Partner Consultant to Mention Subject Line as "Application for Partner Consultant"
  • Enter your answer here
  • I want meet you and discuss the launch of my book. How do I do that?
    We are a completely online 'application' with the objective of blending technology with publishing and hence do not have any on field representative. As a community we work remotely and mostly on mails and whatsapp. Feel free to Contact Us for any queries, any time, by writing to us and you will surely get back our response within three (3) working days. For all consultations we will be happy to help. In case, we see that you require an on phone thorough consultation service for discussing your launch project, we shall give you a call back at your provided number.
  • I still have further queries. How do I contact you?
    Best way to contact us is over mail at We are very prompt in our response and assure you a definite reply within two (2) working days.
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