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Varistavit and Visitors from Sea

Varistavit and Visitors from Sea

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Varistavit Opens his eyes to find himself on an uninhabited but
beautiful island in the airs of which reside the Fear of Filaris - The
Tree monster!
Varistavit, at the age of 18, discovers his extraordinary superhero
powers and embarks on a thrilling journey to understand his true
purpose. He meets a sage, that old but young looking man who says
that he�s inherited with Ekadasabhutis ( The eleven powers).
In this journey not everything is as good as it looks. There are few
Visitors, few intruders or should I say only one!
Who is Filaris? What does he want from Varistavit? How did he
become V man? What are those eleven powers and who can learn
Jump in this profound ocean of Fantasy and adventure to find the
  • Author Name

    Akshat Pandey
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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