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Saffron Chronicles Of Uttar Pradesh

Saffron Chronicles Of Uttar Pradesh

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Mrunal, a bright young psychologist from Kolkata, deeply loves history
and art. She’s also a dutiful daughter. When she’s invited to speak at a
seminar in Allahabad University, she’s excited to explore Uttar Pradesh.
As a Bengali, Mrunal’s connection to her roots is strong. Along her
journey, she meets amazing women with inspiring stories. From a
housewife who loves painting to a widow who sells diyas and a classical
singer facing life’s challenges, each encounter leaves a mark on Mrunal.
Returning to Kolkata, Mrunal integrates her passion for art and
history into her work as a psychologist, using art therapy to help
her clients in her chamber. With the help of friendly locals like
autowalas and boatmen, Mrunal learns about each area’s rich history
and culture. Mrunal also lends a compassionate ear to a young
man battling depression, offering him medical support. As Mrunal
immerses herself in the history and culture of the places she visits,
she comes to realize that the true essence of a location lies in the
stories of its people. These stories, passed down through generations,
offer insights that textbooks can never capture. She understands
that history is not just about dates and events, it’s about the lived
experiences of those who call a place their home.
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    Annapurna Debnath
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