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Pseudo Ecotourism

Pseudo Ecotourism

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I had left my marriage at thirty-five, and I was determined to become 
famous to cope with the rejection I was experiencing in my personal 
life. Then I met my childhood friend Vedavyasa, who was seeking his 
own fame and glory as a way to deal with his perceived shortcomings 
in both his personal and professional lives. As a result, we started 
pursuing wildlife photography and ecotourism as hobbies. Our 
sole goal was to capture images of the subcontinent’s Bengal Tigers 
in their natural habitat. However, via some terrible events, the 
immense landscapes of this great beast across the four nations that 
make up its habitat taught us some life-changing truths. Eventually, 
I had a mentor who gifted me with a philosophy for lifetime, “to 
get a better perspective, you have to lie down!”. This isn’t simply a 
wildlife enthusiast’s ideology; it’s the idea that led me to associate 
deep ecology and coin the phrase of “Pseudo Ecotourism.”
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    Arnab Basu
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