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Ecological Messages in Indian Children’s Literature

Ecological Messages in Indian Children’s Literature

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Indian writing in English for children and young adults has come of age, with a plethora of talented and dedicated writers contributing their creative efforts towards the growth of this new field. 
The book is based on the author’s interviews with the creators of English-language fiction for the young in India. Specially selected are those who have a deep love for nature. Writers, illustrators, publishers, editors and also environmentalists have been interviewed. The University Grants Commission, New Delhi’s grant of a Major Research Project to the author made these interviews possible.
The galaxy of those interviewed include:
Meeting the Authors
•Nilma Sinha
•Ira Saxena
•Shamim Padamsee
•Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan
•Benita Sen
•Deepak Dalal
•Zai Whitaker
•Ranjit Lal
•Leela Gour Broome
•Sreekumar Varma
•Sandhya Rao
•Dr.Graeme Macqueen
•Ken Spillman 
•Anushka Ravishankar
•Asha Nehemiah
•Harini Gopanswami Srinivasan
•Radha H.S.
•Sowmya Rajendran
•Niveditha Subramaniam
•D.Ronald Hadrian 
 Views of the Illustrators
•Ashok Rajagopalan
•Maya Ramaswamy
•Priya Kuriyan
•Januka Deshpande
What the Editors and Publishers Have to Say
•Himanshi Sharma, TERI Books, New Delhi
•Maegan ,Tara Publishers,Chennai
•Mala Kumar, Pratham Books, Bangalore
•Saraswathy Rajagopalan, Mango Books, Kochi
•Shobha Viswanath,Karadi Tales,Chennai
•Mini Krishnan, Editor ,OUP,Chennai.
•Sandhya Rao,author and former editor, Tulika,Chennai)
Some Suggestions from Environmentalists
•Payal B.Molur (Author and Wildlife Educator)
‘OSAI’ Kalidas, Conservat
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