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A Myna Flies Volume II - Dust Jacket

A Myna Flies Volume II - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG151702
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Coursing across the high seas into the French-owned plantations in Mauritius, the plot races in parallel among that of the stately mansions of Calcutta. Reeling under Captain Barton's bigoted leadership and ripe with undercurrents of betrayal, the 'Mauritian Sun' flounders in the Indian Ocean. Charly DuPlessis sows the vast Plantation with sugarcane and brutality, knowing not that what he sows is what he shall reap. 

Tempered with fire and aided by an unlikely mentor, Ratan Rana grows into a man. Murad Ali seizes power and is set for eternal glory; a crazy ambition that rests on Amar Chaudhry's brilliant master plan to reverse his own misfortunes.

Power and ambition hold firm amidst the storms of fate, turning the players into pawns, each vying for control while losing themselves in the whirlpool of life. Upending the best-laid schemes, what more does life hold in store for those who have decided to carve out their own destinies?

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    Sidharth Kanattil

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