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Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World!

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? See different places, eat exotic food and take amazing pictures!

Well travelling is good but it incurs a cost as well and a busy corporate schedule further adds up to not getting enough leaves in your company.

Travelling and working often clash with one another but what if you can earn while travelling and sustain your living as well?

Here are few quick tips on how to make some money while travelling,

1. Teach a Foreign Language - There are a lot of countries in the world which require teachers and trainers in their local language. If you see a lot of people coming from your native, you can start teaching them the local language after learning yourself. French, German, Latin, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese are few of the languages in demand.

More so, English is a necessity in most of the countries. If you are a pro in reading, writing and teaching English just pack your backs, advertise yourself and start coaching. Parts of Europe, South East Asia, Russia and Nordic countries usually have a huge demand for English teachers.

In Asia, specially there is a demand of teaching English to engineers who are sound in their technical field but need some brushing up to place themselves in their required job line.

2. Start Blogging - One of the most effective ways of earning while on the move is to start a blog. Develop a clear niche and start writing quality articles on them. Once you gain your subscriber base, start monetising your blog. Read more about how to monetise your blog in our previous post at Ukiyoto - How to Monetise Your Blog.

3. Take Stock Photographs - If you are creative and have a camera to snap, take amazing photos wherever you go and place them in websites such as and Every time some one buys your image, you get your account ringing.

4. Buy Local Products and Sell Them Online - An exciting way to earn money is to discover local products which are not usually available in common marketplaces. For example, you may find exotic dates in the Gulf whereas you may find beautiful silk textiles or spices in India. Also, if a certain place is vey well known for its product, you can stock them up and start selling online. For this you would need to check your inventory options, storage possibilities and shipping requirements You may try out online places such as Amazon or Alibaba to take care of your shipping and sales.

5. Write a book - One of the most passive ways of earning is to start writing. If you are a good storyteller or have a reasonable fan base write your book and place them in Kindle. You get royalty for every sale. However, your book needs to be of good quality and you need to get constant reviews and feedback from your audience to keep the sales going.

6. Become a Travel Guide - There is plenty of work-abroad companies or local tours agencies where you can work as a travel guide. They pay for your visit along with the tourists and all you have to do is to guide the tourists with information.

7. Work at a Hostel - A good way to earn some money is to work at a local hostel in return for your stay. Many places in South East Asia and Europe offer hostel work to the visitors where they can get their daily work done and allow the visitor to spend a couple of nights inside.

8. Become a Street Performer - If you are talented in music, dance or drama or anything similar you may just start performing in the middle of the road without disturbing the people around and earn some quick bucks.

9. House Sitting - Volunteer to look after some one’s house while he is gone and who knows you may land up in a huge villa or penthouse to spend your trip. Start searching in Couchsurfing or local advertisements for House sitting options in and around your chosen area.

10. Be an Online Freelancer - If you are good at something such as counselling or providing advisory on specific subjects or simply teaching cooking or music, just start your blog, arrange few webinars, let people know about your work and shortly start charging for providing online counselling. You should definitely look out for websites such as Guru, Upwork, and for freelance jobs.

11. Day Trading - You need to know a bit of the financial markets for this or at least know how to read the stock markets and understand which stock would give high dividend or which stock would run and fall in the near future. While good trading knowledge can get you high income, a wrong move on the stock market can also land you completely broke.

12. Bartending - If you are a master of making exotic cocktails and know a few bartending tricks you may find yourself at one of the beach bars which often require bartenders.

13. Website Designing or IT services - If you are into software technology, know about website creation, designing and one or more programming languages you may find a good paying job at one of the work from home consultancies. You search Crossover to check for any jobs in the IT field that relate to you.

14. Cruise Ship Employment - Work in a cruise ship as a part of the crew or qualify as an officer in charge where you can go places and travel along with work.

15. Work Exchange - You may check out the listings on and and you’ll be ready to pack your bags today. Work a few hours each day in exchange for room and if lucky maybe some extra cash.

16. Creativity Speaks - Finally be creative, keep studying and researching on various ways of earning income as well as doing what you like. Start helping out the locals, reaching out to more people, networking online, checking sites such as Couchsurfing,, Skyscanner to get the best deals. Read about blogging or getting passive income in blog media such as, Medium and many more and find out your own way to seeing the world with your earnings.

Check out these four excellent books that teach you to be rich,

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