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Tips on Travelling the World while Earning

Who doesn’t dream of earning while travelling the world? Each one of us wants to see the world while having the cash to support ourselves. This also means not having to be stuck in an office from 9 to 5 or other such full-time job. There are many guides and tips on how to do so, but most of these say things which are not that feasible for everyone. So here are some legit ways in which you can travel the world while also travelling to your dream destinations.


The easiest and best way to earn cash from anywhere in the world, freelancing is fast becoming popular among the current generation, who prefer to work for themselves than for some conglomerate. By freelancing, one can easily work for anyone from anywhere in the world without having to be physically present at some specific place. All you will need is a laptop, your phone and an internet connection and you are set to go.

There are a lot of websites for freelancers like and which has job postings from basic content writing to illustrating, web designing, coding, legal work, consulting, engineering and so much more. What these websites do is basically connect freelancers with potential clients looking to get their work done. Websites like these have job postings in dozens of different fields, so this is always a good source to earn without having to sacrifice the freedom of travelling.

Working for Pay

A lot of countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Ireland and Singapore offer working holiday visas to foreigners and people coming to visit these countries. In simple words, these visas allow people to work for their living legally while also enjoying their stay. This can include anything like picking fruits and vegetables to working in a bar, finding employment in resorts, working in hostels, etc.

Using the job searching portal Indeed can yield a handful of such opportunities by using of proper keywords. Even doing a simple Google search might result in redirecting you to a website with potential part-time job offers.


Although there is no guarantee of earning money in this field, blogging as part of travelling is always a popular option for many of the nomads who like to document everything and share it with the world. Blogging can be in the form of writing, through photography or by shooting it on a video camera (also known as “vlogging”).

Blogging mainly consists of proper marketing as well as having interesting content, with a decent number of followers to be able to monetize the content. Platforms like YouTube, WordPress,, Instagram are some of the popular choices to publish your content and even gain sponsors to be able to pay for your wandering lifestyle.


Another way of earning some cash on the go while seeing the world is teaching. There are always people on the lookout who want to learn something or the other, and for them, this is the best option. You do not have to be an expert at something to impart knowledge – you just have to better than the people who want to learn.

Some popular websites like and Udemy are great places to great started and find people willing to learn from you. You will need to set up an account, set your hourly rates and just have a PayPal account in order to receive the money. There is no restriction for location and you can basically give lessons on any topic you can imagine.


This is the most bizarre but one of the easiest ways to earn your living while travelling the world. People will pay you $5 to do just about anything. It could be anything from writing a professional blog article for a company to dancing and saying random words in front of a camera.

The basic idea is to incorporate this into your travelling. For example, you could deliver something for a person and visit that place too after your work is done. This works best in countries where $5 is worth a lot (mostly developing countries).

But before you embark on an adventure and try to achieve your dream of being a drifter, you should really think of a plan first and have some money saved up first, so that you have something to fall back in case of emergency. Figuring out how to support oneself is the most important factor when it comes to travelling – and this depends on what skills you have, your interests and your knowledge.

For publishing opportunities, write to or visit for more details.

The author of this title, Rohan Sarkar is a professional illustrator and is currently pursuing his masters in Toronto, Canada.

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