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How to maximize your earnings by writing?

How many times have you heard this? “Writers don’t get rich! Everybody knows that!” This is wrong and demotivating at the same time. The real question is whether it is truly possible to make maximize your income through writing? The answer is yes!

For a teenager or a young adult, the most stressful idea is when they first try to apply for jobs. As a content writer I can tell you there are tons of opportunities out there. If you are looking for a part time job that can help you through the college years, then freelance writing is for you. Now these can be someone’s blog or for a newspaper or any company’s website. On the other hand, authors and writers of books may have a different approach depending on the content and their target audience.

As digital marketing shoots skyrocket, the demand for content writers is increasing day by day. Today more businesses are endorsing in digital marketing which opens new job opportunities. Here are some tips if you are interested in this career path:

· The first to ensure that you are not draining any profit off the company.

· Learning new software can ease your work and increase productivity.

· The best thing to do is focus on a specific audience.

· If you are a freelancer, it is best to get referrals from previous clients

· If you are writing for newspaper, try to answer the questions, who, what, when, where and why.

· If you have a small blog to promote third part contents be sure to maximise the sale of the product you are promoting

Now let us think about the big picture. Almost every book worm dreamt of being as successful as Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling or Khalid Husseini. This can land you a full-time writer’s job. Did you know writing a best-selling book is no longer a distant dream? Many writers are now self-published who does not want to go through time-consuming process. Yet, traditional publishing is hassle free and lets the writers only focus on writing while the publisher takes care of the rest, you do not have to pay anything, and the publishers pay you advance. What seems like a challenge is convincing the readers that they should care. If readers love your book, they might even demand a sequel. Many aspiring authors have started writing collections of short stories. This can dramatically change the impact of your writing.

With the changing technology, both the opportunities and payment for writing has increased. If you ever find yourself lacking behind in following the latest trends and technical skills, it is better to take online short courses. This will help you meet other potential writers and will be helpful in finding jobs and agents to reach out to publishers.


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This article was written by Nafisa Ahmad

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