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How to Earn a Living by Writing

So you have a talent for writing and are thinking of ways to monetise it? There are various ways you can make it as a full-time writer by making a good use of your skillset. I have elaborated on some below.

  1. The usual routes: When you think about being a writer, the first thing that comes to mind is a novelist. Gaining commercial success by being a full-time writer is hard but not impossible.

If you have a way with words and cannot wait to share your stories with the world, you should keep your doubts aside, write a book and share it with the world. Success isn’t guaranteed but selling your books and gaining a readership is a massive achievement.

You can also opt for newspaper journalism or writing columns for newspapers and magazines by employing your expertise in writing succinct reports and well-researched opinion columns.

If you can work with professionals to market campaigns and projects and conduct research, you can employ your skill sets as a copywriter too!

  1. Blogs, journals, magazines: If you’re interested in niche areas and can churn out thoughtful, well-researched and valuable content, you can start your own blog! It can become a steady method of income for you the more consistent you are in your writing and the more traffic you gain for your content.

You can write on Medium, start an email newsletter subscription or even offer an exclusive paid content for your readers on your blog.

You can also seek out magazines with niche titles that are interested in your profound knowledge of the subject and make money on a word by word basis.

  1. Freelance writing agencies: Looking for writing jobs can be hard. Sometimes you just have to let the writing job find you. Signing up for a writing agency makes this process easy. All you need to do is lay out your skills and experience and decide your rate and let employers find you.

Freelancing can be a tough market to break into but with time you can build enough experience to earn comfortably.

  1. Book reviews: It’s always fun making money off of something you love doing. Readers, if you like sharing your opinions on the books you’re reading, why not tie up with a book-reviewing company? This way you’re making money by writing online while doing something you love.

You can also tie up with independent contractors and get paid per review. Bonus points: you get to check off books from your TBR list!

  1. Self-publishing: The self-publishing book market has been thriving largely thanks to Amazon and Kindle. Indie authors have been able to earn a profit by self-publishing their books on niche topics that their readers are hungry for.

If you are market-savvy and have an eye for commercial success, you can pair self-publishing with smart social media marketing. Gaining traction and earning a comfortable won’t come easy as soon as you start publishing your books but once your content gets enough demand, you can make good use of these services.

  1. Corporate writing: Content marketing is considered essential for the success of a company. As content creating and marketing is going mainstream nowadays, businesses are hiring professional writers to write articles, blog posts, case studies and social media write-ups to cater to their specific audiences.

Freelancers write engaging content for these companies and get paid for it. Breaking into this market can be tough but as you write for more companies and build your portfolio further, more employers would want to hire your services.

  1. Comic or graphic novel writer: Graphic novels and comics are hot in the market today. Their content ranges from action-packed thriller to thoughtful drama and more. If you’re enthusiastic about exploring this medium, you can find work with studios where you would typically work with artists to create engaging comics and novels.

You can also seek out independent comic studios and have more command on what to write and who to work with. Alternatively, a lot of online platforms provide services to write webtoons and sell them for a profit.

  1. Video game or RPG writer: If you have a knack for extensive world building, storyboarding, plot development and everything in between, you can try your hand at working for a gaming studio or offer your services as a freelancer to independent gaming studios.

As an RPG writer, you can work on multiple story lines and interactive game plots. You will be working with a set of writers and artists and have plenty of opportunities to make a good use of your skillset.

  1. Ghostwriter: Not everyone has a way with words and that’s okay because you can be the one weaving stories for them! Ghostwriters don’t always get public acknowledgement for their work but they sure are able to earn a sizable amount for their services.

If you’re good at making conversation, and developing and strategizing on plot themes and storylines, you can sign up for ghostwriting services online or put up ads on your blog and social media. Alternatively, you can write biographies on behalf of your clients.

  1. Coaching creative writers: If you have enough experience in writing and want to pass on your skills, you can always try teaching. Reaching out to local communities, councils or bookstores and offering your services is a good way of capitalising on your skills.

You can also develop your own writing courses on various online platforms and curate a syllabus for your students. Make sure you have a good portfolio of work, a keen teaching presence and a proficient editorial insight so that you can offer the best teaching experience to your students.

These are a few of many career paths you can opt for. Not all of them may work for you. However, by investing time and effort, writing in your particular area of interest, building a portfolio and showing your samples to potential employers, you can build a successful career out of your passion for writing.

Being a full-time writer can be a hustle but that’s where the fun lies!

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This article was written by Isvi Mishra

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