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Global Blog Awards 2019

Its always good to get an award. Especially when you place so much time and effort to write your blog.

An award not only adds the much deserved credibility but also enhances the traffic on the page which is majorly the aim of the blogger. There are several blog awards which run through out the year with few on focused areas while rest are open to all categories.

While so much investment is currently being done on content development and getting good quality write ups, getting an award or placing a recognised badge on the content surely upgrades the blog’s value. At times, the blog awards also aim at checking the quality of the writer and offers paid services for creating content for them.

There are examples where hosts of such blog awards handpick bloggers for creating content for larger companies for a good remuneration and the awards are used as mediums to select or recruit content developers or writers for premium work.

We have shortlisted few of the well known blog awards which go on round the year and aim at identifying the right talent. The winners are usually awarded cash prizes or recognition badges which they may place on their blog to show credibility.

a. Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards – This award is provided mainly in the categories of fashion, food, beauty, fitness, tech and entertainment. The winner of the Comso Blogger Award is chosen by a voting methodology whereby the maximum votes received shows the popularity.

b. Global Blog Awards 2019 This is aimed at identifying and recognising excellent blogs and their authors who can create an impact on the readers' minds. The entries are open to all categories

The sponsors are destined towards nurturing talent and creativity and promoting them in the global ecosystem. The hosts of the Global Blog Award 2019 promise to produce high-quality content which is original, creative and innovative and recognise those individuals who bring out such quality. The jury comprises global cohort of authors, publishers, content developers and technocrats who use a parameter defined weighted average methodology to make the right judgement from the submissions.

The entries for the Global Blog Awards is now open, and maybe applied by clicking here, for free till 5th May beyond which the entries would be charged at 5$ to 10$.

The winners of the Global Blog Awards are entitled to receive,

i. Cash worth 500$

ii. UGBA Badge to be placed on their blogs and get featured

iii. Chance to convert all of their blogs into a book with designing, converting, listing, marketing, promotion and distribution sponsored and completely taken care by the hosts

c. Blogosphere – This award is given to one Blogosphere Network member with a handsome cash award. They are open to all categories

d. Vuelio Blog Awards – This usually is open during November and bloggers from across the world take part. They have a platter of categories where the bloggers can apply.

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