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What if my Bestfriend's Girl-Friend becomes Mine

What if my Bestfriend's Girl-Friend becomes Mine

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Its  a story of a college boy - Aayush whose mother died in an accident when he was only 11 years old. It was no shame to say that he was Mumma's Boy. After 3 years of his mom's death, his father married again and brought a stepmom for him. His life turned more miserable after that and one fine day his father threw him out on road to die, after thrashing hard. And then, Aayush went to a new city...To his bestfriend- Anirudh in search of happiness. In the first year of their college they both found Shrashti{their senior} and started loving her. Shrashti chosen Aayush over Anirudh and this broken Anirudh. That day those bestfriend's years long friendship ended. Soon Shrashti and Aayush decided to get married but, on their marriage day Shrashti didn't arrived to the court. Others believed that Shrashti ditched Aayush whereas the truth was, Shrashti was brutally murdered by Aayush's one sided lover ... Pratiksha Mishra. The boy who only desired love after a hectic life only got sorrow and pain in last. But, story didn't ended here. After a year of Shrashti's death, her bestfriend and Aayush's neighbor Alisha got married to Aayush and gave birth to a girl.{How Aayush agreed to get married to Alisha will be revealed in 2nd part - "How I got Married to my Neighbor(After his girlfriend's death)"}
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    Vaibhav Goswami
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