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The Quadrant Film + 3 Books

The Quadrant Film + 3 Books

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Watch the trailer of The Quadrant - The Film!!


Product Specifications:

1 Card Pen Drive comprising,

a. The Quadrant - The Film in .mp4 format

b. Access Codes with instructions for downloading 3 eBooks of The Quadrant Series from Ukiyoto Global Site.


Technical Details,

a. 16GB Storage

b. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Ubuntu

c. Dimensions: 54mm (h) X 84mm (w)



This short film was adapted from

The Quadrant Series published by Ukiyoto Publishing in 2020.


14 Selected Authors collaborated to write different stories in the series which were merged to form a single film with voices and still frames.


The Quadrant Series links on Amazon,

The Quadrant I -

The Quadrant II -

The Quadrant III -


Writers and Cast:

Shrutidhora P Mohor

Koushik Majumder

Debanjali Nag

Ananya Kantoor

Vibha Sharma

Joey Bavaria



Falguni Das


Jessika Sims


Jacob Job

Gautam Aggarwal

Prachi Sharma

Parul Singh