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The Eyes of the Deep

The Eyes of the Deep

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This classic collection travels a long, timeless expedition to bring nature, space and time to the appealing taste of human adventure, discovery and exploration while shining light of hope through every depth of surmountable storm, struggles and strife of life. The Eyes of the Deep xrays the agility and fragility of man extending to his relationship and fellowship with others, God and care of the earth; the earth is bleeding profusely from lack of love, trust, hope, care but constantly reaping evil, arson, pollution, strange pandemic due to man's actions or inactions. The Eyes of the Deep further explores deeper the beauty and vanity of life, the essence of beingness and the limitlessness of man and thus sums up life: 'I have learnt overtime life is a long pilgrimage journey, through the dreary path atimes between the rosy fields the bridge is scrolled out in flowery promise, amidst tons of thorns and thistles; debt to pay and pledge to prey.' and above all, in finality, to extol the virtue of love, courage, charity, faith, selflessness, tolerance, endurance as the harbinger of peace, unity, joy and development to oneself and to all humanity.
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    Gbenga Fayemiwo
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