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The Colour Of Water

The Colour Of Water

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The Colour of Water is an a book of short, flash and micro fiction. The stories are eclectic and range from the Afro American historical fiction to a grieving British spy on a mission to the tale of a mother caught in the middle of gunshots in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Each story deals with human emotions and sentiments and brings out the subtle nuances of human predicament in the face of adversity. Stories like Before Dawn and The Dark Room explore the dark side of human nature, taking the reader through the minds of women whose lives have been off the beaten track. Every story offers the reader an interesting and intriguing plot.    
�Arunima Hoskote�s vivid descriptions and tight, tense prose will have you on the edge of your chair! Whether she takes us inside the mind of a spy running from assassins, or we mourn a lost love; through flash fiction or longer pieces; Hoskote�s writing will leave you wanting more.� 
- Nicky Moxey, Writer of the Henry Baker series
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    Arunima Hoskote
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