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That String that Joins Us

That String that Joins Us

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Meet Abhilasha Sengupta, the narrator, a headstrong girl from Delhi, who has certain dreams and desires in life for which she refuses to marry in the alliance fixed by her parents. Unknowingly her friend Sapna gives her an idea of a way she can call off the wedding; for which she blackmails Neil Mukherjee, her childhood best friend and neighbour to come and help her. He brings his friend Arjun Malhotra, who comes to help Neil, to stall Abhilasha�s plans; but things take a turn when he persuades Neil to go with it. What made Arjun change his mind? Abhilasha and Arjun become friends which gradually develops into something deep. But both Neil and Arjun have secrets. Will Arjun and Abhilasha confess their feelings or will someone or something get in their way? Could it be Neil? Join Abhilasha in her journey as she discovers herself; breaking the rules for her love, her dreams and self-respect. 
Read on to experience a story of friendship, love and above all � never to compromise on your love, dreams and self-respect.
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    Priyanka Joshi - More
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