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That Stormy Evening and Other Stories

That Stormy Evening and Other Stories

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Life can be quite unexpected sometimes and one can confront unusual situations in the quietest of places. Sometimes incidents crop up that cannot be explained by logic and the past can loom up in a haunting sequence. Sometimes good intentions can go awry and speaking the truth can have dire consequences. And one can make a hash of things with the best of intentions. At other times even a single mistake can change one�s life. At a crunch one may need to play a trick to fight stupid superstition. And what eyes see may not always be the whole truth. 
What happens when a couple of strangers suddenly land up for shelter at Anita�s place one stormy evening? Can Deepak and Seema stop their grandmother from going away to live all alone in their ancestral house? What happens when all the servants suddenly vanish in the house with the long terrace? Can Tina play the role of George Washington successfully because she is keen to stand out as a heroine in real life? What happens when Ruby steps inside the old house where the dust is as thick as a carpet and there are cobwebs in every corner? Can one really judge a person by merely looking at the obvious? These are some of the situations the reader will come across and realize that life can be really amazing and often incredible. Six stories for teenagers/young adults.
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    Swapna Dutta
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