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Stories of Pinky Mehra

Stories of Pinky Mehra

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Pinky Mehra depicts the superhero within each one of us - shining through in the seemingly ordinary moments of daily life. This inner hero emerges when we face challenges with resilience, support others with kindness, and inspire through acts of courage and compassion. It's in the parent who balances work and family, the friend who listens, and the stranger who offers a helping hand. These everyday heroes prove that true heroism isn't about superpowers or fame but about the strength to make a positive difference, no matter how small. In every act of bravery and goodness, we reveal the superhero that lives within us all.

  • Author Names

    Manmohan Sadana, Sanjai Banerji, Kajari Guha, Aurobindo Ghosh, Riddhima Sen, Mahendra Arya, Rhodesia, Kinshukyi Kumar, Someshwar Pandeya

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