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Soul Chants

Soul Chants

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Soul Chants � is a collection of Poetic Hymns.
This Book will take the reader to the realm of enchanting poetry where he would get  entertained , enlightened, enriched and uplifted. The Poet,  Harinder Cheema has touched varied subjects and on each single journey of creating a  poem she wields the pen of knowledge dipped in the ink of  benevolence.
� Soul Chants� is about God, Divinity, Love, Nature, Social ssues, Women Empowerment, Philosophy, Life lessons , Spirituality, World Peace  and it also  celebrates  the great and immortal works of some Literary giants from the past.
The Poet reflects on  the present times with relevant allusions to the past in her poem,
� Hard Times�. Again in her poems � Satan On The Prowl�  and � Are We Fortunate?�, she shows us the world as it exists today.
Some poems are motivational and extremely impactful like the � Book Of Life�
and � The Spirit Possessed  By Love�.
Being a woman herself, she very effectively delivers strong messages through her poems, � The Modern Woman�, � Save The Cinderellas� and �  The Princess With Clipped Wings�.
Her profound poems like , � The Soul� s Salon, � The Highway To Heaven�, � The Proud Courier Girl� are pieces of art and have been translated into other Indian and foreign languages.
She  is well known for her hard hitting poems on environmental degradation. � The Lame Woman�,�The Intelligent Fool� and � The Dirty River� are powerful examples.
Her love poems  like � That Summer Night� and � I Don�t Care� would transport the reader to the world of romance  from where he would not like to return.
Philosophical poems like the �,  Roaring Tiger Of Desire�, � The Real Pilgrimage  will have a lingering effect on the reader.
Soul Chants will make the readers fall in love with poetry once again.
Harinder Cheema, like the Pied Piper beckons beautiful words to weave her thoughts with and creates sheer magic with the � Soul Chants�.
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    Harinder Cheema
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