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Simple Complications

Simple Complications

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Do you remember who your childhood friends were? 
Probably. Probably not. 
Well, Olivia does. 
They were a close-knit group of four. Then they were a group of three. Then two. And finally, the group no longer existed… 
Olivia, Ryan, Kaylee and Hunter were the closest of friends till the end of middle school. But like always, high school changed everything. 
Hunter became the typical bad boy who cared about nothing. Kaylee was the Queen of the mean, the head-cheerleader who made everyone bow down to her. Ryan was the nice guy, the quarterback who kept his grades up and was the star kid of the town. 
Something had clearly happened during the small break before they all became high schoolers… But nobody even cared to find out exactly what it was. 
Olivia, the crazy cheerful girl who could make anyone smile or cry in a matter of seconds, didn’t change at all.
That was why her next door neighbour and ex-best friend, Ryan, still sent a smile or two her way whenever he saw her.
But what happens when Olivia decides to act upon her crush on her ex-best friend, Ryan?
Will it reveal the secrets of the past or will it just lead to more trouble and distance between these four? 
Read on to find out…
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    Nidhi Bhardwaj
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