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Silver Childhood

Silver Childhood

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However, literature, as the domain of formative and expressive
spirit, has never recognized and will never recognize the limits and restrictions
imposed on it from the outside - even if it was represented from the outside by
completely legitimate and indisputable experience, knowledge, and even
�common sense.�
An important, perhaps the most important impulse on
which it grows is precisely the courage and willingness of the writer to exceed. Bajruzin Hajro Planjac is one of the authors who, in the last two
decades, has made his way to the very top of the current production in this
field, among the best-selling and most-read writers for children and young
people: he has already published about twenty books, some short novels, some
collections narrative prose for children and young people, and he wrote about
various topics, motives, preoccupations and problems related to the growing up
and maturing of boys and girls who are on the way to becoming adults.
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    Bajruzin Hajro Planjac
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