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Palak Dil and Other Stories

Palak Dil and Other Stories

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"The eleven stories cover a vast canvas of human emotions, their
strengths and weaknesses, their vulnerabilities and sensibilities.
‘Palak Dil’ is the story of a haunted lake that exists in Mizoram.
A young army captain battles ‘Temptation’ during a bus journey.
‘Black Magic’ depicts the agony of an old man who waits for
the return of his son. Only the village priest knows about the
mysterious past of ‘Zawlpui.’ ‘The Outsider’ never gets social
acceptance among the local population despite converting to
Christianity. In ‘The Sinner’ a God-fearing bank official pays with
his life for his only sin. ‘Betrayal’ by a tribal girl turns her world
topsy-turvy. A ‘Gingerman’ falls victim to his insatiable greed. On
the ‘Blue Mountain,’ a different tale unfolds for the climbers on
a horrendous night. ‘The Pastor’ who vows never to stay in one
place gets stuck in a tiny village forever."

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    SP Singh
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