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Life is Drag

Life is Drag

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In the captivating memoir “Life is Drag, Sas It Up,” Patruni Chidananda
Sastry unveils a deeply personal and transformative journey that
seamlessly weaves together art, identity, and activism. From the stages of
classical dance to the vibrant world of drag, Patruni’s story is an intricate
tapestry of self-discovery, resilience, and unyielding determination.
At the heart of the narrative lies the exploration of gender and sexuality
in a society that often confines these expressions within rigid norms.
Patruni’s journey begins with the discovery of dance at a young age,
and his unique dance style, “Expressionism,” becomes a canvas for
conveying powerful stories of social awareness. As he navigates the
world of classical dance, Patruni is inspired to bridge the gap between
the corporate world and the realm of art, redefining data visualization
and storytelling in innovative ways.
The memoir takes readers on a remarkable journey through Patruni’s
evolution as a drag artist, adopting the persona of Suffocated Art
Specimen (S.A.S). Through S.A.S, Patruni challenges conventional drag
norms, reimagining Tranimal Drag Art with an Indian perspective.
His performances become a vehicle for social commentary, addressing
intersectional discrimination, gender biases, and the fight for LGBTQ+
As an activist, Patruni’s narrative is a testament to the power of art
to effect change. He shares his experiences of using dance, drag, and
street performances to ignite conversations about LGBTQ+ inclusion,
challenging societal norms, and inspiring genuine empathy. From his
collaboration with NGOs to his unique approach in corporate spaces,
Patruni’s work becomes a catalyst for meaningful transformation.
“Life is Drag, Sas It Up” goes beyond a personal journey, delving into
the complexities of identity and the resilience needed to navigate a world
that often misunderstands and marginalizes. Patruni’s story serves as an
inspiration to those who strive to be their authentic selves, regardless
of the challenges they face. Through his unwavering commitment to
advocacy and art, Patruni Chidananda Sastry delivers a moving memoir
that urges readers to embrace their own sassy spirit and work towards a
more inclusive world.
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    Patruni Sastry
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