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Lana's Exploration

Lana's Exploration

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Shrinika is a budding nine year old writer, whose journal beautifully records the colourful world inside her creative mind! She sees life through a kaleidoscope, with eyes full of wonder and a mind full of imagination! As author Swetha Prakash rightly states; 'her writings are something to watch out for'. Many of her shorter journals have been featured in 'The Hindu' Newspaper...and this young writer is just getting started!
This series is particularly for children like me. If kids become aware of the harm our mother nature faces, they could perhaps teach the busy adults as well. You know, I was disheartened with people polluting our mother Earth, breaking our culture to be unkind and taking the lives of many animals by poaching. So, I wrote this book, The first episode of �Lana�s Exploration�, a book series I am planning to bring out.
Praise for the book: Shrinika�s writing is confident and engaging. As an insightful and imaginative 9 year old, her writing is something to watch out for. She watches and records life carefully and wonderfully. 
Swetha Prakash
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    Shrinika Satish Babu
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