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Kingdom of Clay

Kingdom of Clay

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Kingdom Of Clay ' Book 1 Kingdom Of Clay Bool 1 follows the story of Vaishnav and Iravan, as they become enemies for life.  Vaishnav has everything to live for. He has a powerful father, who loves him, a cheerful mother, who adores him, and a promising career ahead of him. Everyone knows that in future Vaishnav will succeed his father and become the commander of Anant, the kingdom of Gold.  Crown prince Iravan has nothing to live for. He has a powerful father, who hates him, a dead mother, whose love he has never experienced, and a bleak life ahead of him. Everyone knows that in future, Iravan will make the worst king Anant has ever seen. These two young boys' paths cross in the most tragic way. Vaishnav loses everything he has, his parents, his home, and his life. They snatch it all from him and leaves him to die. Iravan finds himself trapped inside his royal castle with a new stepmother and a possibility of getting killed.  Will they survive the blows of fate or will it kill them both? Will a savior rise to save one of them? 

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    Anasua Ghosh

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