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Kabir and the Inky Indigo Seas

Kabir and the Inky Indigo Seas

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Kabir in his possession has a magical emerald green prism. It was gifted to him by Mighty Maya, King of Tataal. 
Kabir gathers that the prism is no ordinary stone. Once white light enters the prism the light breaks in to seven distinctive colours. Each colour represents a different land.
The Inky Indigo gatekeeper, Neel tells Kabir that he (Kabir) has been chosen as the current prism keeper and the seven worlds shall be his to explore. Each world shall throw open a quest for him and he must rise to the challenge. For now the Inky Indigo seas need his urgent help. Their princess Matsya has been captured by the evil sea monster Kapatraja. He beseeches Kabir to help rescue her.  
Soon Kabir and his friends, Nimki and Latooriya embark on a journey of a lifetime � their visit to the Inky Indigo seas is nothing short of spectacular. On their mission they encounter creatures they had only heard of � gigantic whales, benign sea turtles, vain starfish, haughty crocodiles and the rather whimsical sea Goddess Varuni. 
The children have to race against time and collect all that is needed to rescue the sea princess Matsya from the monster Kapatraja. Just as they are inching closer to their final destination the submaboat comes to a halt and they find themselves trapped in the ghost infested Strip of the Living Dead. Will the children succeed in rescuing Matsya? And will they prove to be any match for the avaricious sea-monster, Kapatraja?
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    Vinita Srimal Garg
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