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India's Indigenous Immigrants

India's Indigenous Immigrants

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We have grown up in a country where we were taught a distorted history, and some essential segments of our yesteryear have been obscured. Consequently, we were wronged, and we wronged others - unwittingly. Knowing our factual past is, therefore, vital to understanding the aberrations that make our present problematic. This book attempts to sensitise people on some crucial chapters of India, which have either been misrepresented or blurred. 
The Indian state of Assam has been distressed by several historical deceptions for over a century now, which have remained unaddressed. Thus, despite being one of the most fascinating territories inhabited by incredibly charming people, Assam is often in the national and international news, mostly for the wrong reasons. A case in point is a 1983 American magazine editorial in The New Republic that reportedly wrote, inter alia, �There are places - the Indian state of Assam is one � where the slaughter of children is a form of political expression.� The caustic comment was made in an apparent reference to the 1983 broad daylight Nellie massacre, killing countless newborns, toddlers, babies, infirm females, aged people and others indiscriminately in six hours of mayhem in the village on 18th February 1983. 
Dissemination of factual awareness about the disinformation spread earlier by British colonial rulers concerning the history of eastern India is, therefore, essential to end the present conflicts between the various communities and tribes of the region. With meticulous research backed by years of personal experience, septuagenarian author Subir wrote this book aiming to permeate ordinary peoples� much-needed understanding of past realities and the prevalent circumstances that should help usher in peace and prosperity promptly in Assam.
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