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Hotel California

Hotel California

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The book’s yellowed pages seemed to tell a story of years gone by,
yet there was a feeling of timelessness in the air. Awakening with a
pounding headache, Shivam finds himself on a bus, disoriented and
surrounded by unfamiliar scenery. A conversation with the enigmatic
bus driver leads to revelations about a convention, a missing briefcase,
and a wrecked car. Offered shelter in the mysterious Hotel Havard,
Shivam grapples with memory lapses, a throbbing headache, and the
hotel owner’s unsettling offer. As he contemplates the truth behind
his journey, Shivam must decide whether to embrace the enigma
within the hotel’s walls or pursue the unraveling mysteries of his
past. Unfold a suspenseful narrative where reality blurs, and every
answer reveals new questions.
  • Author Name

    Krishna Ahir
  • Terms and Conditions

    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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