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The naïve and love-struck 16-year-old Mishti races against time to convey her feelings to the love of her life – Sandilya.


The sensuous 24-year-old Sanyuri struggles to balance between fiction and reality as she advances to get married to her long-time fiancé - Arghya.


The stoic 34-year-old Rhee fails to find an opportune moment to confess her feelings to - Adonis, as years keep floating by. 


But when horrendous truths unfold and inexplicable pain begins to hit the threshold of patience, what emerges is several shades of darkness. The otherwise innocuous turning point in the love lives of 3 women intertwine and unfold a grim and spine-chilling tale of dogma, revenge and death.


A story where no character is what it seems like, this thriller will make you question the very dynamics of right and wrong.

  • Author Name

    Amrita Dutta

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    a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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