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Healing Strings

Healing Strings

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"A fascinating debut! Love blossoms in an ambience of disaster, Japanese culture and resilience, and ends in the beautiful environs of Bekal in Kerala. Creativity at its best! Truly captivating -Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, Government of India
"Music heals-how true and how well this book brings it out. And provides succour to the protagonist, the lovers and the nation. A great read" -Ashwani Lohani CEO, GMR Services Business, Former CMD, Air India & ITDC, Former Chairman, Railway Board
"The soulful, mature story of love between an Indian and a Japanese teacher with music as its essence is a must read. M. Sadana has exquisitely crafted a tale transcending linguistic and cultural barriers." -Dr Kiran Chadha, Renowned Indian author, poet and motivational speaker and Former Joint Secretary, Government of India
"The story is beautifully spread across the seas, nations and cultures. It bridges the gulf between arts and sciences, natural disasters and human interventions, body and soul. A truly enjoyable read."
-Alam Srinivas, Editorial Consultant, Outlook Group (Media & Publishing)
"Music connects across cultures and boundaries. It has the power to cure a person and liberate the soul. Science grapples with disasters. In this book, Mandalin meets Nuclear Power."
Jayanta Bhattacharya Journalist, Commentator
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    Manmohan Sadana
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