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Fateful Lovers

Fateful Lovers

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Fateful Lovers is a story about five friends who have over time formed the bond of friendship which grew to become a brotherhood, despite residing in different cities they still manage to find time to be there for one another in a time of need. This book reflects on their past and present and how they moved through life and maybe find true love in the end.Fate plays a major role in our lives and it determines where we end up life which is mostly not by our doing. Fate guided these five friends to fulfil their destinies each man, with his own unique path to trail and role to play in the life of the other. Eric, affiliated with an intelligence agency, though thoroughly and tactically trained, has a good heart and a soft spot and was gentle enough to love a woman, Agbo, a media house employee and consultant, sacrificed all he could for the woman he loved while hoping on fate to favour him. Paul, a part-time Architect, and Engineer had his own share of heartbreaks but was able to find love in the most unlikely place, Seth the photographer and a Part-time tourist guide was never the same since he set his eyes on one of the most beautiful being, he had ever seen. Salim, white-collar enthusiast, his boss thought him to be the best man to marry his daughter but Salim had his own story and fear. Then there is Jerry who was a good friend to Seth and became part of the crew. Do they overcome the challenges and betrayal to become successful? ... Some colloquial and vernacular words were used in this book to make the reader learn some new and diverse things.
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