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Digital Love, Analog Hearts

Digital Love, Analog Hearts

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Bangalore, a city where ancient culture collides with a booming tech industry, becomes the epicenter of a series of enigmatic cybercrimes. Enter Anjali Sharma, a tenacious journalist for ‘The Bangalore Beat,’ known for her sharp observation skills, and Rahul Nair, a brilliant cybersecurity expert with a mysterious past. When these two cross paths, sparks fly and a relentless quest for truth begins.
Can Anjali, with her keen eye for patterns, and Rahul, with his deep understanding of the digital underworld, unravel the web of high-tech offenses threatening to undermine the city’s digital infrastructure? As they delve deeper, they uncover a world of corporate espionage and personal betrayals. But what connection does Rahul’s past as a hacker have with the notorious figure known as “CipherMaster?”
With a showdown looming and the stakes skyrocketing, can Anjali and Rahul outwit a criminal mastermind from Rahul’s darker days? And as they confront their past and present, will their partnership evolve into something more in the face of danger?
“Digital Love, Analog Hearts” is a thrilling ride through Bangalore’s vibrant yet shadowy corners, where technology and emotions intertwine. It’s a tale of intrigue, resilience, and unexpected romance. Are you ready to unravel Bangalore’s crime riddle?
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    Sneha Sreekumar
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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