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It's about finding ourselves in the simple joys of life. It'sabout living every moment and loving every momentbecause whether good or bad it's your moment, it's yourway to feel it, to live it, to handle it or even to acceptor surrender in the very moment in a better way andslowly you'll hear yourself and know yourself better.These poems are self experiences that are carved intoexpression of poetry. It talks of all emotions, expressionand the beauty of life with failure as well as success andthe stationary phase of one's life. This book embrace the concept of rest, recovery, andreflection which are essential parts for the progresstowards a successful and ultimate happy life and to destroythe idea of constantly working or grinding in order tobe successful. It talks about the thoughts you carry for along time in your conscious brain unconsciously that getmanifested. It's you that give consent to every thought tosustain in your conscious to activate the manifestationunconsciously. It talks of healing of your conscious toactivate it and help for the better happy life. Happinessis not a goal to achieve, it's a self-being inner world to beexplored for a better and disciplined life.
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    Tanu Kapoor
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