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An Agreement with Destiny

An Agreement with Destiny

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A medal is narrating an extraordinary adventurous story about how his owner achieved him. The story happens in two time periods and tells about the important incidents that happened in the life of two police officers. Initially, the story begins with Sharma the sincere police officer when Rahul was just a child. In the later part, the story travels through the professional and personal life of the policeman Rahul. It deals with solving a mystery associated with an unusual murder case, the suspense element and unpredictability ' making this story unique. This story shows the personal life of the police officers which has a lot of emotional elements in it along with a good love story happening in Rahul's life. There are a lot of action sequences in this story that will keep the readers engaged. There is an extremely powerful character in this story who has a vital role to play in this story apart from Sharma and Rahul and saying more about that character would be a spoiler.
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    Abdul Sathar P

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