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Ageless Rainbow

Ageless Rainbow

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“AGELESS RAINBOW”, the name that puts you into the world of radiant colors
and brightness, holds the exact meaning of effectiveness and devotion to the
lives of the authors, respectively Suchismita Ghoshal and Nwankwo Levi. Rooting
from the different parts of the world, the authors have put their efficient efforts to
bring literature close to this poetic collection. From dwelling into the huge source
of lifestyle, perspectives, opinions, random thoughts to ranging voices to different
issues, both the authors have skilled and phenomenally executed their tasks to
give their readers a sense of aesthetic literature. This collection focuses on how
small things can take the shape of a beautifully expressed poem. Art truly has no
shape, no boundaries, no borders; all it needs is perseverance and inner zeal to look
through things in an exceptional way which ordinary people miss out. Creators of
this collective anthology have collaboratively initiated to reach new heights with
enthusiasm, support and delocalization of expressions. In this materialistic world
that is focused on over-normalising monetary benefits, luxurious and lucrative
upgrading, and highly ambitious achievement only, this book takes you to feel how
to make peace and have a life energy for a peaceful state of mind.
  • Author Name

    Suchismita Ghoshal, Nwankwo Chukwuma Levi
  • Terms and Conditions

    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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