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How to look out for cheapest flights and hotels for travelling

Whenever travelling comes to the mind, people associate it with being really expensive, if they want to experience the best out of the trip. But such does not have to be the case always. There is always some deal going on, on cheap air fares and hotels, sometimes individually and sometimes in a package, for a limited time only. Since people usually aren’t vigilant about such things, they are unaware of the best deals going on out there. There are plenty of resources to help people do just that.

Below listed are some of the places where you can find some of the best offers on cheap flights and hotels for travelling.

Best Flight Deals

If you Google cheap flights, it will turn up with the most popular websites like Expedia and Kayak with the option to search for some sort of package deal. But there are some hidden gems on the internet which can actually get you some really good deals if you look for them closely, depending on where you want to fly. There is no one best website for finding the perfect deal; you will have to keep on checking all the websites in order to find that sweet deal you have been craving for.

  • Momondo – This website searches for budget airlines from all the services and gives you the cheapest option possible with all the details. It is a really good flight search engine since it scans booking websites and airlines from all over the world and gives the cheapest deals most of the time.

  • Holiday Pirates – If you are not sure when or even where to go, Holiday Pirates is your best bet. The great thing about this website is that it already shows some budget airfares for you to choose from, with the prices listed right on the homepage. No matter where you are based from, this is always a cheap flight website for some of the best deals.

  • Skyscanner – Another platform that lets you plan open-ended trips, Skyscanner suggests you places to take trips to with cheap options, if you are not sure of where to go. It is a very intuitive website and adapts according to the user’s preferences.

  • Google Flights – Google Flights is one of the lesser used options among travellers while looking for cheap flights. It is really easy to use in the sense that you just have to put in the place you want to go to and the dates on which you want to travel and it shows up with the most affordable flights available. And if you are not sure about where to go, Google Flights suggests the places you can fly to for cheap and the dates on which it will be really low-priced.

Best Hotel Deals

Deals on hotels are usually harder to come by and it is usually limited so as to keep the number of people availing it to a minimum. Also, hotels are usually really expensive, which is why more and more people are choosing Airbnb and other such alternatives to staying in hotels. Below are listed some of the best websites for finding cheap deals on your hotel arrangement while travelling.

  • – One of the most popular choices among travellers, this website provides a lot of options for tourists based on their preferences like price, distance from the landmarks, neighborhood, review score etc. You can find hotel rooms here no matter where you are in the world. It also has blog posts for places you might want to visit and see all around the world.

  • Airbnb – Airbnb is one of the most popular alternatives in recent times to hotels since it is cheaper and easier to rent one. Airbnb basically allows people to rent homes or just a room to guests to stay and use it as their own for the amount of time they are willing to stay. It offers a selection of homes to stay and allows you to filter the search based on price, neighborhood, house rules, amenities and property type. It also allows other features like booking classes and restaurants from the app.

  • Hostelworld/ – Both of these websites offer the same services for travellers who are planning to backpack and travel cheaply, especially for solo travellers. The unique thing these websites offer is sharing a room with other fellow travellers for a different experience. Besides that, they also offer apartments, bed and breakfasts, campsites and even hotels too. Hostels are cheaper since you only rent a bed and share with others, which divides the cost of the room.

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The author of this title, Rohan Sarkar is a professional illustrator and is currently pursuing his masters in Toronto, Canada.

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