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Thesis to Books

Ever wondered what to do next with that thesis you have created in college with all your hard work and research?

Or what's next to your Ph.D paper post you get your degree?


What about that dissertation content of hundreds of pages where you spent days on the field with your market study and surveyed in the intense heat?

Here's what you should do to leverage the rich content that you have worked so hard to generate and bring out a life time, continuously revenue generating "asset-class" out of it!!

Global researchers, scholars, journals, giant market research companies, consultants and individual subject matter experts all require data to work upon. And if that's someone's first hand primary data brought out in a documented, easy to understand storyline, nothing like it than to read the content, capture the data simultaneously and acknowledge the writer.

Who knows, you may even get a call from someone at Wall Street next day to explain the premise of your thesis or from some one at the Big 4 Consulting firms to find content for a certain market study in some part of the world.

Here's where we come in!


a. With our team comprising consultants, researchers and literary agents, we first take up your thesis, analyse and understand the context. Next we work on elements which are to be incorporated, eliminated or restructured to bring out a documentary or a fictional/non-fictional storyline and work along with you to bring out the final product.

b. We intimate you about the storylines or the themes into which your content can be created or modified. For example for a thesis on female infanticide in India, we may develop a storyline in a remote village where the protagonist travels, experiences and then writes about the incidents coupled with facts and figures from her original thesis.

So, while all the original data points or facts remain intact we are moulding the content into a commercially viable storyline to be produced as books.

c. You may clarify as many doubts as you have before proceeding further.


a. Once you are ready to go ahead, you would be directed to pay the Production Processing Fee (Card, Gpay or Bank Transfer).

b. We will use a collaborative platform to suggest you to make the required changes, add chapter names, incorporate fictional/non-fictional elements and all other relevant details. This is required to first create the story frame with chapters and headers.

c. Once, the above is done, the content would be sent for detailed editorial taken up by our team to make all necessary changes for the final version.

d. We will design the Cover for you with reference to the storyline created from your thesis and share both the Cover and Inner files with your before listing your book on global channels.

e. We would take care of all the marketing and promotional activities as our other books and credit your account with royalty sale proceeds on a monthly basis.


1. All projects of thesis or research work to book conversion are done by Ukiyoto Academia (ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management System) with separate ISBNs for paperback and hardback issued by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), India and paperback copies are sent (post production) to the following national libraries,

a. National Library, Kolkata

b. Connemara Public Library, Egmore, Madras-8
c. Central Library, Town Hall, Bombay
d. Delhi Public Library, Near Sarojini Nagar Nagar Bazar, New Delhi-100023

It is of prime prestige and honour to have your books placed in the National Libraries of the country as one of the treasures or assets of India.

2. Each author would be presented with a Certificate of Honour couriered to his/her address post book publication

3. All the activities including signing of an Author Contract, production, promotion and distribution of the books would be done worldwide at each network channels.

While our eBooks are available on Amazon and on our site, accessible from anywhere in the world, our paperbacks are available at the following marketplaces,

a. India (Dedicated printing facility)

b. U.S.A. (Dedicated printing facility)

c. U.K.

d. Denmark

e. France

f. Spain

g. Italy

h. Japan

i. Canada

j. Singapore (Dedicated printing facility)

k. Malaysia (Dedicated printing facility)

l. South Africa (Dedicated printing facility)

m. Nigeria (Dedicated printing facility)

Worldwide shipping to any part of the world for 21 or more copies from any of our nearest and cost effective printing facilities.

So let's get started!!

Disclaimer: Submitted content needs to be original, with rights held by the author or granted by original parent body (if any) and devoid of any plagiarism. We strongly condemn plagiarism of any form.

Sample Production

Original Thesis Paper

Dissertation paper on Socio Economic Behavioural trends of Transgenders in India.

The primary market survey was conducted in 2019 and the thesis report was prepared in the same year.

Cover_Bonding with the Bounded_eBook.jpg

Final Production

Documentary created with an easy to read storyline, keeping the original facts and figures intact, converted into a book with an illustrative cover and published in eBook, Paperback and Hardback formats across the world.

A brief fictional element introduced as the protagonist spends time with the community during a festival organisation and gets to know them deeper.

Production Processing Fee [Rs.7,000]

Google Pay_Ukiyoto.png



Account Name - Isekai Labs LLP

Branch - Sikh Village, Diamond Point Junction, Secunderabad - 500 009, Telangana, India Account Number - 50200044145985

IFSC Code - HDFC0004096

Bank Name - HDFC

Email Id - Account Type - Current A/C


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