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Who's your Forever?

Who's your Forever?

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"Naina discovered Tej despite all odds. When they first met, she didn’t think
they were meant to be, but now he belongs to her. Maybe they’d both had
the wrong kind of love and were too different and fiery souls. She’d kept
her many dreams hidden, while leading a relatively normal life and pursuing
a passionate career. She became aware that people were attempting to take
advantage of her at work. She couldn’t express herself verbally. Furthermore,
the stigma of being a girl is deeply embedded in many segments of society.
She had to work hard to make her ambitions and achievements count. She
decided to mend it right. The crisis she has been through is deeply ingrained,
and some stories must be rewritten.
She needed someone to rediscover her soul. He assisted her in her healing
and loved her even when she felt unlovable. Previously, she could detect lust
rather than love in those who approached her. While he had the patience and
fortitude to recognise her incredible strength that she had overlooked. She’s a
shooting star who shines brightly in his waking dreams. He cherishes this gift.
He cherishes everything about her, as well as the difficulties that life has to
offer, with a mind full of curiosity and limitless possibilities.
So, anything that makes your heart beat faster is probably worthwhile.
Accepting the things as they are and allowing the people we care about to be
free could lead to the best connection you’ve ever had. Let’s delve deeper into
this story of love, faith, passion, and drama."

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    Kamalika Bhattacharya
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