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Waking Up In The Eye Of The Storm

Waking Up In The Eye Of The Storm

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"Your soul is nothing less than an atom bomb. What if someone handed you a manual on how to use this powerhouse and transcend the limitations of time and reality as you know it? “We are not alone” is now an established fact, but who are the Others, invested in our growth on Earth? How and why are they coming closer to us now? The messages contained in this book will open your eyes to: -
-Significance of life on Earth and in the human body
-How to prepare yourself for the New Earth
-Beings living in other worlds
-Time travel, teleportation
-Death and beyond
-Future technology
-Plan for mankind
-Life purpose
-New Earth
And more...
Warning-This is NOT a fairytale. 
“A book that attempts to make known the unknown, to answer unanswered questions that have eluded humanity since time began.”
- Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani
Author of Ghosts in Our Backyard: The Ramsays’ real-life encounters with the supernatural"

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    Kavya Jaiswal
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