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The Return

The Return

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The Return brings together Kane�s journey of hopeless wanderings, working in schools and a bar. It echoes his deepest aspiration to become a writer and his embarrassments and failures in love. Set in fictional settings, it becomes a voice resonating the alienation and existential pangs of adulthood. With demise of his grandma, he moves to a land of the Gorkhas. He works as a teacher of English in this new place, he also finds his only true love, Ina, a quiet girl, but how will Kane face uncertainty of life when he has been an outsider to his own self all through. Kane, the solitary dreamer, the unsuccessful writer, the grandson, the lover and a drifter falls into heavy drinking, sensual whims taking you to places that connect the West and the East. This story makes you revisit Marlon Brando, Andrei Tarkovsky, Dylan, Bukowski, and connections to films, music, theatre and literature. It also contains undertones of identity crisis that accompany the life of an unsung artist.

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    Gokul Sharma

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