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The Missing Librarian

The Missing Librarian

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England 1950. A strange incident was happening inside the J.C library. Some of the books vanished automatically and then came back itself mysteriously. Harold Carter, the owner of the J.C library found this incident very peculiar and started his own investigation with his coworker Dorothy. His investigation took him towards something he never could have imagined. All the proves were pointing towards the involvement of Julia Wilson, the secretary if the J.C library and the love interest of Harold Carter. Then right after his investigation both Harold Carter and Julia Wilson found dead on the same night. Harold Carter was murdered. But Julia Wilson committed suicide in the guilt of Harold Carter’s murder which were proving that indeed Julia Wilson was involved in the vanishing of the books. The suicide note she left says that she killed Harold Carter. Julia Wilson was found dead inside her house but Harold Carter’s dead body was found in Somerset, a place long away from London which happens to be the residence of Wilfred Dankworth. A musician by profession and a detective by hobby. Scotland Yard brought the case to him and he started his investigation with his assistant Richard Bennett. But somehow Wilfred Dankworth didn’t take Julia Wilson’s death as suicide. All of his detections were proving Julia Wilson’s death as a cold-blooded murder just like Harold Carter’s. As he went deep into the mystery, he found a dangerous conspiracy and betrayal.
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    Satanik Basu
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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