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The Magical Quill

The Magical Quill

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“A day starts with a new dream. The dream helps to move on. But the way is not smooth enough to move on always.
For this, lost the hope, trust, mind. Broken heart! Seeking a soothing charm. 
The magical quill is here, to hold you as a friend. This is true. It heals your hidden scar. At last, you can smile. How wonderful! It shows the way of the closed part.
Mind calms down. Heart beats within the lovely hub.
How amazing!
“The Magical Quill” is such a poetry book, containing so many writes. Those scatter fragrance of feelings, as artistic glamour. 
As for example- The Magical Quill, It’s a Magic, Garland, Out of Mind, Whisper, Hear or Here, Hey Heart, Today, A Game for All, Song of Mind etc.
Each poem has a unique value. 
You will discover the beautiful opera, which was locked for a long time.
The Magical quill is amazing! You can’t deny this at last. As we know, book is the best friend, and if it is the poetry one, then, there can’t be anything to beat this essence.
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    S Afrose
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