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The First Light of Dawn - I

The First Light of Dawn - I

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A perfectly contrasting pair of twins. Two sides of a coin - Incomplete without each other, and yet worlds apart.
Violet Muriel Bellisario - an ideal daughter, ideal friend, ideal student? Check. A competitive bibliophile? Check.
Label: #miss goodie two shoes, #nerd
Silver Avalana Bellisario - a rebellious, silver-haired disappointment? Check. An unconventional dream to conquer the world with photography? Check.
Label: #miscreant, #rebel
Violet and Silver have their differences, but they couldn't possibly love each other more. Their life isn't picture-perfect, just like any other life in the elite Crimson Creek University.
But then what made turned their clich�d college life into something straight out of a drama novel?
Silver's love to explore the world led her to Mt. Fuji, one of the most enchanting places to exist. Accompanied by her 'best friends' Erica and Aubrey, her loving boyfriend Derek, and his fuckboy best friend Jake, nothing could've possibly gone wrong for Silver amidst that surreal landscape.
But nothing in the world is as beautiful as it appears to be. An innocent introduction to the eerie suicide forests and a cocky dare is thrown into the equation, and suddenly Silver's life is at stake. That's when things start skyrocketing downhill. Add a new transfer girl Ava Murphy (#newgirl), and the mysterious and dark Danny Castellan (#mysteryman) into the picture, both with histories of their own. And when all of this throws this unconventional group of friends right into the world of crime lords and voodoo dolls, only the fittest is expected to survive.....
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