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The Crescent Has Its Own Stories

The Crescent Has Its Own Stories

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"Excuse me, did you say ‘medieval India’? But why?
The ‘glory’ of the ancient era, we understand.
The fascinating modern times, our times, we proudly inherit and own. 
But…why this? What, after all, is worthy of attention there?
Illicit in its mention, obscure in its situation, repulsive in its attributes, the medieval period in the subcontinent is the surest reference to all things dark and best forgotten.
The Crescent Has Its Own Stories is an answer to that vexed question, ‘but why?’ 
It brings together 18 young student-scholars who attempt to listen to the whispers of the crescent, symbolic of the era in more ways than one, unearth hidden stories, and illuminate our minds which turn as dark as the supposed ‘dark ages’ whenever we are forced to look back in history."

  • Author Name

    Prothoma Rai Chaudhuri
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