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The Bored Tiyanak - Ukiyosk AR Canvas

The Bored Tiyanak - Ukiyosk AR Canvas

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What is Ukiyosk?


Ukiyosk is a unique concept of integrating a shelf hosting books, audio albums and others with Augmented Reality to provide a realistic feel of a store. On scanning the TIGER image imprinted on each of the artwork with an AR Application, the image would emerge as a real interactive object or a video directing to Ukiyosk (The Virtual Bookstore) having options to purchase either digital (Flipbooks) or Paperbacks. Our hosting partners may place this �shelf� either in digital or print format (wall hanging, portrait, canvas, coloured print out, pillows, mugs etc.) and garner readers or viewers for the books.




Simply, have the brilliant artworks as decorative showpiecees in your house, office or outlet and at the same time access all Flipbooks and Paperbacks with updates on new releases on Ukiyosk.


AR Link


1. Scan the QR Code

2. Get AR Link on Web browser

3. Scan the TIGER from your browser 

4. Enjoy a unique AR experience

  • Item Type

    Canvas Decorative Gallery Wrap Wall Hanging or Table Piece

    Size: 12inch x 12 inch Board Canvas

  • Return and Refund Policy

    a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
  • Artist Name

    Katherine Nicole Festin Alvarez

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