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Sweet and Sour Niggles

Sweet and Sour Niggles

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Sweet and Sour Niggles – A collection of rambling words by Waheeda Bi Khan is not just a book of poetry. It is a woman’s journey to liberation and emancipation by breaking the shackles of societal norms and rules that try to entangle her whole life.
She has beautifully depicted her pain and anguish in simple yet profound words which are bound to touch the reader’s heart and soul. Each poem strikes a chord in the strings of our hearts and brings tears to our eyes. And yet, in the end, you see a woman emerging more powerful, free, liberated, and happy, a woman who has won the fight and come out wounded but triumphant. The reader cries with her and smiles with her too!
I wish Waheeda all the very best for her future and pray to the Almighty to give her the strength and courage to write more so that she can inspire many more broken women currently struggling to do what they want to do, live how they want to live and dream what they want to dream.
I am honoured to introduce this beautiful book of poetry!
—Sumana Kundagrami
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    Waheeda Bi Khan (Soulfulheart)
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