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Sold Love

Sold Love

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The collection of poems seeks to revolutionize the conventional view of
women being weak and helpless, presenting them as mighty characters
with an ability for deep love, formidable bravery, and triumph in the
face of adversity. An intriguing and emotionally charged journey is laid
out for the reader, exploring a woman’s voyage from naive faithfulness,
through treachery and single motherhood, to a rediscovery of love.
Every poem in this assortment isn’t simply an independent verse,
but forms a segment of a larger narrative that illuminates this
anthology, offering deep insight into the various phases of a
woman’s life. An absorbing storyline leads us through the woman
protagonist’s journey as she explores the intricacies of falling in
love, only for her faith to be shattered when she faces betrayal.
The narrative skillfully captures the dilemma of trust and emotional
fragility. Overall, the book presents a rollercoaster ride of a woman’s
emotions and experiences, subverting stereotypes, and empowering
women along the journey. It takes readers through the various life
stages, reminding them of the strength and resilience women possess.
It encapsulates not just the struggles of the protagonist, but reflects
on the collective experiences of women in different walks of life,
demonstrating that they are far from fragile; rather, they are forces to
be reckoned with.
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    Debanjali Nag
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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