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Shakti: the quest for prowess is a powerful story where an organisation named CCPAAI, hires their senior investigator, Saanvi to seek for Shakti. While she embarks on the mission and probes a murderer who is emotionally committed to Shakti, something unscrupulous from her past discords her. Though at first she is bit fidgety to continue the task but carries on for someone who enthused her once. In the due course she meets her targets and somewhere trying to commiserate with them she is successful in grilling them. She finally finds Shakti. Then only Director General of CCPAAI discovers a letter from her house which indubitably tells him that Saanvi is a turncoat. At that moment information comes out that all the defendants, Saanvi interrogated have disappeared along with her and Shakti. DG is determined to acquire Shakti but Saanvi and the suspects want Shakti safe at any cost. Who will triumph this scuffle of quest for prowess?
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    Hardika Lalwani
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